Choosing the Right Type of Fence

4 Reasons to Consider Frosted Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing offers a wide range of benefits covering everything from durability to styling, but most people only consider standard transparent glass. While standard glass pool fencing still represents the ideal choice for many homeowners, you might also want to consider frosted glass pool fencing. This is simply standard fencing glass that has been sandblasted or acid etched to create a pitted surface on one side, and it offers several compelling advantages.

1. Added Privacy

The most obvious benefit of choosing frosted glass pool fencing is that you'll enjoy added privacy. While normal glass can be great, anyone will be able to see through clearly from the outside, and that's not always ideal when your pool can be easily seen by neighbours or through fencing. By choosing frosted glass, you can ensure your pool feels secluded from the outside world.

2. Easier to Maintain  

One of the issues people tend to face with glass pool fencing is that marks can show up quite easily. All it takes is a splash from the pool or a quick shower of rain for water stains to develop on your glass. Dust will also show up easily, and the fact handprints show up so clearly means young children can often make glass fencing look unclean in seconds. However, this isn't such an issue with frosted glass. Since it isn't transparent, any marks will be concealed more easily. As such, you won't feel the need for constant cleaning just to keep your pool fencing looking its best.

3. Multiple Design Options

Standard glass fencing is ideal for those seeking modern or minimalist styling, but that isn't for everyone. By opting for frosted glass pool fencing, you can greatly expand your design options. While you can have all your glass frosted, you can also choose to leave certain parts transparent in order to create unique designs. This can help make the fencing feel more your own and reflect the existing style of your property.

4. Protection from the Sun

Finally, it's worth remembering that standard glass fencing won't provide much protection from the sun. However, frosted glass greatly cuts down on UV rays, so you'll be able to enjoy your pool while feeling more protected from the sun. Even though the entire area won't be covered, frosted glass pool fencing can provide shaded areas both in the pool and along its border, so you'll always have somewhere to relax that's out of direct sunlight.

For more information about glass pool fencing, contact a local company.