Choosing the Right Type of Fence

4 Key Things Fence Contractors Observe When Installing Aluminium Pool Fencing

Installing a pool around the fence is a legal requirement in most municipalities. Quality fencing is an access control measure that deters outsiders and animals from accessing your pool area. Aluminium is one of the popular pool fence materials. However, if you want long life and excellent service from an aluminium pool fence, you have to let an experienced contractor install it for you. Here are the three pro guidelines that contractors observe when installing pool fences. 

They Check Your Property Lines

The law prohibits you from installing your aluminium pool fence beyond your property line. Your neighbours could sue you and force you to bring it down if you built it on their side of the property during the installation. To avoid such mistakes, you should consult a surveyor or real estate agent before the fence contractor. They will help you mark the boundary properly and avoid problems. Also, it is advisable to have a clear diagram of the electrical and plumbing lines. It will prevent damage during the excavation process. 

Install the Gate First 

You should always start the installation with the gate. It helps you position your opening in the perfect position. Then, after installing the gate, you can distribute the fence posts evenly. This design creates a symmetrical structure that is visually appealing. However, you should only install the poles and fill the holes with concrete. You risk damaging the entire fence if you hang the aluminium gate before the concrete cures.

Make Careful Measurements When Installing Posts

It is advisable to also be keen on the measurements you make before installing the fence posts. The posts should be close enough to avoid creating gaps that children can slip through in order to get inside the pool. Some pets are also mischievous, and when you leave wide gaps between the slats, they may sneak through. Measure and confirm the distance between the holes before filling them with concrete. Taking these careful measurements will minimise the chances of making mistakes.

Think About the Terrain of the Pool Area

It is also wise to think about the general slope of the pool area. If the place is flat, you will not have to strain to erect the fence posts. Conversely, you have to be careful how far each post goes into the ground when it has a slope.

These are guidelines that the best pool installation contractors recommend. The tips can help you create a strong, secure, durable and dispute-free fence around your property. To learn more, contact a pool fencing service.