Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Benefits of Colorbond Fencing for the Home

When you're looking for a fence style for your home, one possibility is Colorbond. To discover its benefits, consider the following.

Diverse Colour Choice 

Colorbond fences offer many nature-inspired colours — such as green, grey, blue, sand, and beige — allowing you to harmonise the barrier with your home and the natural landscape. You can create a bold or subtle fence, a dark or light one. When matching hues on exterior cladding and hardscape elements, notice the undertones, particularly whether they're cool or warm. Even greys, for example, can have cool purple undertones or warm green hints. Colorbond offers a range of both cool and warm hues. You'll also have a choice of panel styles and embellishments such as post caps and lattice attachments. You can either contrast or match the metal sheeting with the posts and latticework for different effects.

Durable and Weather Resistant

Colorbond is not merely covered with paint. Instead, it features various protective layers of different ingredients, including a metallic rust-repellant coating, plus a primer and a high-grade exterior paint finish. Colorbond sheets are tested in harsh Australian conditions and have proven to withstand all the elements, so you won't have to worry about your Colorbond fence's ability to stand outdoors. Additionally, steel won't become termite-infested nor will it catch fire, helping to protect your home from calamity.

Low Maintenance

All your Colorbond fencing will need in terms of upkeep is a spray with a hose now and then to remove debris. Typically, falling rain is enough to clean Colorbond panels, particularly when in open areas. However, some parts of a fence may not receive enough rain. In this case, just wash the panels with a garden hose every six months or so. If you live near harsh salty coastal air that can leave a film on surfaces or else in a highly polluted industrial area, you should wash the fence down more frequently.  As well, don't allow garden mulch and plants to build up. Unlike timber fences you won't need to worry about repairing palings that have fallen off, nor will you need to repaint your metal barrier.


Colorbond fences consist of steel that is 100% recyclable. All Colorbond contains a degree of recycled steel, plus the fencing can be recycled after it's protected your home for decades. So you can feel assured that your fence is will not add to the ever-increasing landfill problem.

Talk to a fence contractor if you are interested in Colorbond fencing.