Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Three Places Around Your Home That Will Benefit From Glass Balustrades

When planning a barrier around your home, you'll have a choice of different materials. One popular alternative is a glass balustrade, which you can incorporate in various areas around the house. Consider the following benefits they'll provide in particular places.


A pool fence needs to present a secure barrier that allows for visibility. Glass balustrades are perfect as they can be built to government-regulated heights to ensure safety. They can also extend to the ground to minimise gaps through which children or pets could squeeze. Additionally, smooth glass doesn't provide climbing footholds. 

Another attribute of glass balustrades that aids pool safety is that you can easily see through them at a glance, thus picking up on any problems or issues. Even if you're in another garden area, you'll have clear vision through the panels, which won't be impeded by repetitive railings that can confuse the view.


If your home has a stairway, you need some kind of railing. Glass balustrades bring several advantages. For example, they open up the area, which is important as stairs are often relatively cramped. 

Plus, heavy opaque timber railings can block light, making the steps dark as well as confined. On the other hand, because you have a clear view through glass balustrades, the area will feel more spacious. Plus, the panels reflect light to create brighter and safer steps. 

Decks And Patios

If a deck or patio vista is compelling, then the best barrier is a glass balustrade as they don't impede what you can see. You can thus appreciate an ocean shoreline, a mountain range or your own lovely garden. As well as being secure and robust, the glass panels block the wind. Thus, even in milder weather, you can enjoy being outside and enjoying the landscape.

You can feel secure and safe, even on raised patios. Typically, such barriers use toughened glass which is about four times stronger than standard float panes within windows. Not only is this glass durable, but it breaks in a safe manner, into rounded cubes rather than pointy shards. Thus, even in the unusual case of breakage, no one will be injured by jagged pieces. For elevated decks, two toughened glass sheets might be bonded onto either side of a resin interlayer — to generate toughened and laminated panels. The resin in the centre holds everything together, even if it cracks. An engineer is usually involved in such designs to ensure they're safe and adequate for the environment.

For more information about glass balustrades, reach out to a local fence contractor.