Choosing the Right Type of Fence

3 Top Trends in Metal Clad Fencing

It is way past midyear. If you had set to renovate your lawn but have not decided on the kind of fencing to use, then you can try metal-clad fencing. Compared to other fencing materials that contractors use such as wood, plastic rods, brick and concrete, metal-clad fencing lasts longer. Moreover, metal-clad is available in many different designs and colours, and this is all thanks to powder coating technology. That said, you need to go with designs that are trendy so that your lawn doesn't look too outdated. This article highlights the top trends in metal-clad fencing.

1. Aluminum Art Décor Fencing -- It is one of the latest metal-clad fencing designs. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will see it in many places. It is the perfect metal fencing for a homeowner that wants a bit of both the old and the new. As part of the fencing, traditional ornate designs are made not only from contemporary materials but also using the latest fabrication technique. The best part about this type of fencing design is that you get all the positives that come with aluminium as a metal. The metal is durable, cheap and almost maintenance-free, especially if you opt to powder-coat it.

2. Powder Coated Metal Fences -- Traditionally, metal fencing were erected bare with a few colours to choose from. However, despite the protective paint coats covering the metal fences, the fencing is still exposed to other elements such as flying objects that can scrape the paint off. When this happens, the exposed metal surface starts to rust under the right conditions. However, more contractors are using powder coating technique to decorate and provide ultimate protection to the metal slats. Additionally, powder-coated metal-clad fences are easy to clean because all that is needed is to hose the dirt from the surface. If you encounter tough dirt, don't scrub with a sturdy brush, but rather wipe the dust away with a piece of cloth.

3. Antique Metal Fencing -- Fencing contractors that want to offer unique fencing designs scour different properties across the country in search of antique metal fence slats. Some contractors have gathered quite a collection, and they are reaping the gains since the demand for antique metal fencing is growing. The design is becoming popular among homeowners that want a piece of the past on their fencing. The best part about antique metal fencing is that most pieces are unique and hard to replicate. Not only do the antique designs elevate the look of your property, but they also improve the value.