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Techniques Used To Install Gates on a Paved Exterior

One of the frequently asked questions homeowners have when looking to install new gates on their property is whether they can be installed on their exterior paving. Since all gates need a solid footing for them to stay securely in place, inquiring about whether paved surfaces will be a hindrance is a legitimate question, as homeowners may be worried about having to remodel their exterior once the gates are installed. And while it is easier to install gates by digging up the ground to insert the footings, it is not impossible to fix your gates directly on paved surfaces. Below are the two main techniques that fencing contractors will utilise to install gates on a paved exterior.

Installation though core drilling

The first mode of installation that your fence contractors could consider is core drilling. This technique utilises heavy equipment machinery that bores holes directly through an assortment of materials such as reinforced concrete, brick, stone, blocks and so on. Core drilling is a favoured installation technique, as it is non-vibratory. As a result, it does not cause extensive structural damage to your pre-existing construction supplies, as it is a non-aggressive kind of demolition. For perfectly clean and neat holes, ensure that your contractors use a diamond-tip core drill, as this will be able to penetrate any material easily.

So what does core drilling entail? Once the holes are created, any sand and other particles are eliminated from the hole to the desired depth. When this depth is reached, the contractors will insert the posts of the gate. Concrete is then poured into the holes to hold the posts securely in position. Once the cement dries, the contractors can sand, paint or coat the filled hole so that it matches your pre-existing paving.

Installation through bolting posts and base plates

In some cases, the use of core drilling may not be appropriate, as it risks irreparable damage to your paving. Some of the scenarios that will require a different mode of gate installation include if you have timber decking where new gates are being fitted, if you have tiling installed on your paving or if there is the risk of disrupting underground systems such as sewer lines and plumbing pipes. In these cases, the best option is the use of a bolting post in conjunction with a base plate. The primary necessity with this form of installation is that the paving materials should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the new gates. Therefore, if your gates are incredibly heavy, you may want to consider additional reinforcement of your paving supplies.