Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Answering Questions About Automated Driveway Gates

An automated driveway gate can be a good choice for any residential home, as it keeps out unwanted visitors and even intruders, and it can give your home a stately look. You have many choices for automated driveway gates, so note a few questions you might have about this equipment, and then you can make the right choice for your home.

Can automation work on existing gates?

In most cases, automation can be added to your existing gates with relative ease. There may be extra hardware that is needed in order to connect a remote opener to the gate mechanics itself, and you may be limited as to the type of motor that is needed to open a particular size and style of gate, but if your home's fence already has a driveway gate, don't assume you need a new one just to automate it.

Can automated driveway gates work with solar power?

Solar panels can usually power just about any electrical device with the right converter and other such hardware. However, note that solar panels need to be placed in an area where they will get lots of direct sunlight that they can collect throughout the day, and their storage batteries may run out of power throughout the winter months. You may still need to have the gate connected to another power source, in addition to solar panels, to ensure sufficient power.

Can a driveway gate be installed on very short driveways?

You have some options for a very short driveway, including two panels for the gate rather than one; each panel would then be much more narrow, so they require less clearance. If there is sufficient room next to your driveway, a sliding gate may be workable. However, if the driveway and your property are both very short, you might consider a folding arm gate; this gate is just a long bar or arm that folds on a hinge and then opens. These gates only need some clearance above them, not in front of or next to the gate, so they can work for very small properties.

Are they loud?

Many homeowners assume that entry gates are loud, but any noise you hear from a gate is usually the result of rusted chains and hinges. Rust can cause metal to make a scraping sound as it operates, so if you keep your gate in good repair and are sure to lubricate any chains, hinges, and other such hardware and remove rust as soon as it forms, your gates should make little to no sound at all.