Choosing the Right Type of Fence

The Perfect Union for the Modernist Mate: Fences That Match Your Modern Mood

Modern homes have a unique character that is determined by materials used, interior and exterior form and colour. However, this character also covers other features such as gates and fences. What is suitable for a traditional home may not create the perfect harmony for a modern or a contemporary home.   

Modern materials such as glass, steel, and other materials make fences that are striking in their own right. When done properly, modern fences blend both style and function. Here are modern fencing materials that will help you keep an edge in your modern home.

Concrete fencing  

A concrete fence provides for a more contemporary lifestyle. Modern reinforced concrete fences add visual interest and provide a practical fencing solution that compliments your home's exterior as well as your yard's landscaping.

Modern cast iron fencing

Modern homes are all about sustainable building. Other than durability, cast iron is one of the most recycled building materials in the world.  Hence, cast iron fences make a natural choice for many modern homeowners.

Also cast iron is highly resistant to corrosion which makes it ideal for modern coastal homeowners that want a barrier that is visually interesting and doesn't block the view.

Metal panels fencing

Solid sheets of corrugated steel offer a dramatic barrier for a modern home. These metal sheets create, whether installed vertically or horizontally, create an opaque privacy fence that brings a modern, industrial feel to a yard.

Glass panels fencing

Nothing screams modern more than glass. Fences made from glass panels have a sleek, elegant design that provides privacy during the day and adds a spark on colour during the night.

Other than being easy on the eyes, glass panels fencing gives a sense of more space which makes it ideal for modern homes with small backyards.

Rebar fencing

A rebar fencing is inexpensive and unexpected. There is something modern about using ordinary things in unintended or unexpected ways and using rebar in a fence is one of them.

Originally used as a tension device in reinforced concrete, rebar can be used to create a fence that gives the suggestion of a boundary without hindering views.

Steel fencing

Fences made from steel slats have the ability to create a slender profile. Steel has clean lines that offer an industrial feel that shows you mean business to would-be intruders.

Steel slats also allow friendly neighbours to peek in since they preserve the view both in and outside your home.