Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Do Fence Me In! Installation Steps to Expect from a Fencing Contractor

Whether it's for privacy, security, beauty or just a sweet backdrop to your Port Wine Magnolia, a fence adds the finishing touch to your home. From the common but very homey wooden fences to the elegance of wrought iron, a fence serves very specific functional requirements.

To achieve these goals, the job of installing a fence can be very demanding. Fortunately, professional fencing contractors can complete your fencing project as efficiently as possible. Whether you want to a head-turning fence or one that complements the architecture of your contemporary home, here's what to expect in a fence installation process.

Onsite estimate visit

First, you should expect a visit from your fencing contractor who will examine the exterior of your home. They will measure the intended fence area and confirm with you certain aspects like your chosen material and style of fence as well as property line designations and gate options.

Initial preparations

After you've confirmed the style of your fencing and the material you'd like to use, your fencing contractor will either draft a contract on the spot during an estimate visit or a one will be mailed later for you to sign.  

Once the contract is signed, your fence installer will now order materials and mark your yard to check for utility lines to avoid during installation. At this point, you might need to obtain a permit before the fence installation begins. Make sure to check with your local building codes.

Fence installation

Before the fence can be placed, your fencing crew will call to arrange a date for post installation. The crew will dig holes and set up the posts to make sure your fence will have perfect spacing and alignment.

Post installation is a fast process, but don't panic if the posts appear too high — they will be changed to align with the fence later on.

Once post installation is complete, your fencing crew will come out again for the final fence installation process. By this time your fencing will begin to take shape. Fencing contractors will work precisely to install your the rest of your fence, gates and other final finishes.

Flawless results

Once everything has come together, you can sit back and enjoy your enclosed home! With a flawless, well-constructed fence, you will start to realise the many benefits of hiring professional fence contractors. Now your home is safer, private and has an enhanced focal point and you didn't have to lift a finger!