Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Residential Fencing: Which Metal is Suitable for Your Perimeter?

There are numerous materials which are suitable for building a reliable perimeter fence around your home. One of the most beneficial categories of fabrication materials is metal. Metal fences are sturdy and long-lasting. They will be able to withstand mechanical impact and stress of daily usage. Also, metals are not vulnerable to damage by pests, and there are countless design options in the market. If you are interested in building a residential metal fence, here are the main materials that you should consider for your project.

Steel Fencing

Steel fences are popular because the material has exceptional structural strength. If you are looking for metal which will stand stress and impact while enhancing security, this is the ideal choice. There are multiple designs to consider if you elect to use steel. Post and rail fences and chain link fences are beneficial if you want to enhance security and protection and mark out the boundary. However, if privacy is a significant concern, you should think about incorporating panels. The primary drawback of steel fencing is the susceptibility of the material to rust. Therefore, you should invest in galvanised fences or coat the surfaces with a protective finish.

Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium fences are not as strong as the steel alternative. However, this material will perform exceptionally in adverse climatic conditions. In simple terms, steel tends to experience corrosion and general degradation when used in humid areas, particularly in areas close to the saline ocean. If you live in such an area, you should consider using aluminium. This metal forms a stable oxide on the surface which is resistant corrosion due to moisture exposure. The standard construction design for aluminium fences consists of hollow tubes. These features can be configured in different ways for optimal visual interest. If you install this type of fencing, you should make certain to choose a decorative powder coating to complement the home.

Wrought Iron Fencing

If you are looking to install an intricate and traditional fence around your home, you should consider choosing wrought iron as your construction material. Wrought iron fences are elegant and visually impactful. Moreover, the material is robust and capable of withstanding high impact and stress. Typically, some maintenance will be required to uphold the appeal of the feature. However, the prolonged service life will offset the upkeep demands. 

If you are uncertain about the most suitable type of fencing material for your home, you should discuss your options with your fence contractor for professional advice.