Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Powering your Pool's Landscaping Dream: Why a Glass Balustrading System Is the Superior Choice

Have you noticed the trend in the most modern and savvy homes? Beautiful glass balustrades are coming out to play!  Normally used in the beloved balconies, decks and stairs, glass balustrades are now making a dive into pool fences.

Before your imagination gets carried away, here's why a glass balustrading system is the best possible fencing solution when designing your pool's landscaping design.

The appearance

There is simply no denying the glass is more attractive and luxurious than most pool fencing materials. It's hard to resist the simple, sleek edges and the attractive clear view of your swimming pool offered by glass balustrades.

Also, glass has an ultra-modern design that you simply can't find in other fencing materials. It's the perfect mix of clean and modern meets beauty. Also, glass is less likely to clash with other landscaping structural designs.

The view - in or out

Both frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrade introduce a sophisticated view whether you're sitting inside the confines of your pool or from outside looking in.

There is certainly something to admire about the view from a glass fencing. Also, you know what else a glass balustrade won't block that other traditional balustrade materials will? Lovely natural light!

The limitless options Today, form has caught up with function in the world of glass balustrades. If you're the type of homeowner who always stands out in the neighbourhood, you don't have to worry about your pool fencing looking similar to the one of your next-door neighbour.

Glass balustrades designs can be fully customised to slot into your pool's landscaping dream without sacrificing safety.  There are all sorts of options for your pool fencing including stylish gates that compliment your entire home.

The ease of maintenance

As the saying goes, metal can rust, wood can rot, but nothing can happen to glass? A pool fencing requires materials that are easy to maintain, and glass is the hero that stands the test of time.

Also, cleaning your glass balustrade system and keeping it looking great is as easy as cleaning your windows.

The safety aspect

Since a glass balustrade is clear, it offers great safety since you can monitor everything around the pool, especially when your little ones are having a great time around the pool.

Other fencing materials such as traditional aluminum bars impede the view of your pool.

Are you convinced? Talk to your fencing contractors about integrating a beautiful glass balustrade to your swimming pool landscaping dream.