Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Various Types of Dog Fences You Could Consider For Your Property

If you have a pet, you probably have considered keeping it leashed at home for its safety. Although this will work to restrain your dog from leaving the property, it is not good for its overall well being in the long term. Dogs need to be able to run around and explore their surroundings, or their psychological well being will be severely compromised. Not to mention that if you have a yard, then it would be best to make the most of it by giving your dog freedom. Instead of a leash, you should consider installing dog fencing. Here are the various types of dog fences that you could consider for your property.

Timber panel fencing

Timber panel fencing is one of the popular options for homeowners looking to create boundaries for their pets. Nevertheless, this type of fencing does come with its pros as well as cons. On the positive side, timber is a sturdy material that your dog will have a difficult time gnawing through.

Moreover, if the fence is high, your dog will not be able to jump over it. Not to mention that the smooth panels of the fence would also make it difficult for the dog to scale the fence too. Lastly, the solid panels enhance the privacy of your property, which makes it less likely for your dog to become excitable simply by people walking by.

Nevertheless, timber panel fencing would require intensive maintenance to preserve its structural integrity. Not only do you have to protect it from rot, but also you should take measures to prevent termite infestations that would weaken the fencing.

Chain link fencing

The second type of fencing that you could consider is chain link fencing. This kind of dog fencing is particularly suitable for homeowners who desperately require new fencing but are working with a modest budget, as it is one of the most economical options in the market. Secondly, chain link fencing is quite easy to install, so you can cut your costs further by choosing to erect the dog fencing on your own.

The gaps in the chain link fencing make it ideal for locations that experience high winds, as the fence will function as a windbreaker. Moreover, the tough metal wire is suitable for dogs that love to gnaw on the fence, as it will not disintegrate. On the downside, if aesthetics are important to you then you should note that chain link fencing would not notably boost the kerb appeal of your yard.

For more information, contact a fencing contractor.