Choosing the Right Type of Fence

Ways to Bolster the Security of a Chain-Mesh Fence

Chain-mesh fencing suits various purposes, such as enclosing a factory, creating a dog run and establishing the perimeter of a residential home. One of the major benefits of these barriers is that you can customise them in countless ways to fulfil varied situations. Consider the following ways to increase the security of your chain-mesh fence so that it forms a formidable, impenetrable barrier.

Webbing Fabric

The fabric or the webbing consists of steel wires that twist into spirals to form a diamond pattern. You can choose between different wire gauges or thicknesses. To create a sturdier barrier, use a thicker wire that has a lower gauge number. Additionally, the weave pattern can form smaller or larger diamonds. Smaller shapes create firmer, tighter mesh.

Post and Rail Framework

The webbing is held taut by a framework of round hollow pipes that form vertical posts and horizontal rails. To create a tougher barrier, select posts and rails with a larger diameter that is wider and stronger. Plus, you can use piping with thicker walls. The vertical posts can be secured into a concrete base set within the earth, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to pull them out of the ground.

Fence Height

It's relatively straightforward to construct these barriers at different heights, as contractors can use taller posts and longer meshing rolls. To create a fortress effect around a site, you can build an ultra-tall fence that is several metres tall.

Additional Deterrents

To decrease the likelihood of intruders climbing the barrier, add intimidating elements to the fence top. For example, rolls of barbed wire are one option. Any trespassers will likely sustain cuts and possibly worse injuries if they attempt to scale the fencing. Of course, you'll need a gate to secure the perimeter of the site.

As is explained here, you can customise chain-mesh fencing in numerous ways to increase their security. The webbing comes in different wire gauges and diamond sizes. Plus, the posts and rails offer various diameters and wall thicknesses. You can build an ultra-high fence and deter people from climbing it by placing barbed wire along the top as an added incentive. A lockable gate will contain the area and help to keep intruders out. You can customise these fences for your specific security needs. Of course, they're also perfect for more friendly uses, around a home front garden, for example. Just personalise the fence to make it less fierce and more pleasant while still forming a secure barrier.