Choosing the Right Type of Fence

On the Fence About Safety: Why a Glass Pool Fence Is the Safest Option for Your Kids This Summer

With summer just about on your doorstep, now is a good time to upgrade your swimming pool in terms of safety and style. With glass pool fencing surrounding your pool, not only will your pool and your yard as a whole look better, but it will also be safer for yours and your friends' and relatives' kids. 

While glass pool fences are more expensive than timber or wrought iron pool fences, they are worth the extra investment as demonstrated by the following safety benefits.

Glass Pool Fences Are Climb Proof

Unlike timber fencing or tubular fencing, which both have spaces where kids can gain a foothold to help them climb over, glass pool fencing is smooth and seamless. No matter how determined a toddler or young child is, they will only succeed in sliding down the glass.

It Is Easier to Inspect Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing, especially the frameless kind, is far easier to inspect than a timber or wrought iron fence. Since a glass fence consists of sheets of thick glass held in place by corrosion-resistant stainless steel spigots, there is no chance that you might miss an area in need of repair. Nor is there any danger that the fence might be seriously damaged by a dog for example, without your knowledge.

Timber and wrought iron fences, on the other hand, require a much more thorough inspection as each post and screw needs to be checked.

Glass Pool Fences Allow You an Uninterrupted View of Your Kids

Whether you are in your pool lounging, doing some gardening while the kids are in the pool or throwing a party, the uninterrupted view provided by glass pool fencing eliminates the risk of losing sight of a child. Frameless glass fencing offers an unbroken view of your entire yard and pool area. There is no danger of your view being obscured by a fence post with glass fencing.

There Are No Gaps in Glass Pool Fencing

Both timber and tubular style pool fences are full of gaps by design. While the gaps might not be big enough for a child to slip through at first, that could change over time. Toddlers are an adventurous bunch and all it takes is for one to discover a big enough gap through which to squeeze and their life is in danger.

A glass pool fence has no gaps. There is barely enough room between each glass panel for a child's hand let alone their entire body. Each panel is also at least 10 mm thick and made of high grade safety glass which is similar to that of car windscreens. In the rare event that a panel was to shatter; which incidentally would take massive force, the glass would break into small, harmless cubes with blunt edges.

As you can see, investing in a glass pool fence this year will transform your pool into the safest and classiest in the neighbourhood.